tailspot blenny and a lawnmower blenny?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Stocking' started by llfish, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. llfish

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    Hey there just curious to see if a 1 1/2 inch tailspot blenny and a 4 inch lawnmower blenny would be compatable...it will either be in a 40 g reef breeder or a 60 gallon (3foot). They would probably be added at the same time in the 60 gallon however I might have to put the lawnmower into my 40 gallon with the current tailspot.

    Also I have a coral beauty angel about 2 inches...would this be ok in a 60 g reef...I know they nip but I might not have the heart to give her up!
  2. Claire Bear

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    Hi, fish are sort of like people, imo. Some fish breeds are known for nipping and should never go in a reef tank, although some swear that theirs is safe. Some are known as reef safe-they should not bother coral as that is not a part of their regular diet.
    Coral Angels are what's known as being reef safe but with caution meaning they may or may not nip and you will need to watch it. I happen to have a coral beauty in one of my reef tanks and she has never attempted to nip. I happen to like mine as well!
  3. SecretiveFish

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    I wouldn't just because keeping two combtooth blennies in all but the largest systems usually does not work out, but also becaues Lawnmower blennies are one of the more aggressive blennies that I have kept (and don't plan on keeping one again).