Tail Of A Survivor

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    Just because I feel that most post on here are about sick or dead fish, here is my platy story. This little lady got too curious about the python a week ago and got sucked right inside. My heart skipped a beat as i saw a blur of orange go up the pipe. I turned off the water flow but couldn't find her at all. I eventually up ended the pipe and she eventually came back out, terrified and missing her dorsal fin completely. You can see in the picture most of her dorsal fin has returned and the bad scraping of the scales on her back is healing. She even seems to be back to acting normally and I think she may even be carrying fry. I am so happy because I was sure she would be dead by the time I returned from my honeymoon. Just letting you know there are some success stories too! 1523641721638.jpg
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    what an adventure and great pun in the title!
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    That's awesome!!! Hope she keeps on getting better!!:)
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    Tough girl:)