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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Ana Ally, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Ana AllyNew MemberMember

    So I just caught him nipping at his tail and chillin mostly at the bottom of his tank .. now what do I need to do i did a water change already added a almond leaf . He's in a 3.5 gallon right now until my 5 gallons cycles. Haven't encountered THIS before.

    Help please

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  2. THE HABITATWell Known MemberMember

    what fish was he nipping at? a guppy? if so he is showing that he is the Alpha of the tank

  3. Tiffany_e97Valued MemberMember

    There are countless reasons as to why bettas nip their fins (good on you for catching it early), sometimes we as owners can remedy it and sometimes we cannot. It's important to note that at this point in the game, bettas have been bred to have such long fins that they often will mutilate themselves to get rid of this handicap. The best thing you can do is make sure your fish is in the best environment possible. Do you have a heater, filter and plenty of decor to act as a cover? Often times lack of plants and hiding spots is the culprit. Since I'm going to assume the 3.5 gallon isn't cycled you'll need to continue with very frequent water changes to avoid ammonia build up. If biting gets severe you can introduce a few small tank mates to give him something to chase, however I recommend atleast a 10 gallon for this to avoid overstocking.

  4. THE HABITATWell Known MemberMember

    sorry i misread your post...ill leave this up to the betta pros...hope you get the tailnipping under control...they are beautiful fish!!
  5. Ana AllyNew MemberMember

    He's nipping at his own fin he's the only fish in the tank
  6. Ana AllyNew MemberMember

    The tank cycled and I have rearranged he's decor I've tested the parameters and everything is okay
  7. Tiffany_e97Valued MemberMember

    Then a water quality issue can be ruled out. Does he have a heater in the tank? Since you said he was staying at the bottom of his tank I wonder if temperature could be at play.
  8. Ana AllyNew MemberMember

    Yup he does temp is currently at 79-80 degrees. Right now yea just in the betta hammock and I've noticed more fins missing
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  9. Tiffany_e97Valued MemberMember

    In this case it's possibly either boredom or his tail simply getting too large to support. To remedy the boredom I suggest adding tank mates, ember tetras or harlequin rasboras will give him something to chase. Adding tank mates with a betta however will require a 10 gallon tank or more and I know you said you have a 5 gallon, so it may not be plausible. Another option you can take is manually trimming the fins back, Ive never tried to do this and don't know anything about it, all I know is that many betta owners/breeders do it when fin biting occurs.
  10. MelloYelloValued MemberMember

    Mine nipped at his own fins for a good long while as well. But he stopped as soon as I slowed the flow in the tank (I guess it was too much for him).

    Is there allot of flow in the tank?

    That is one pretty fish you have there though, I wish you luck in solving the problem.
  11. LucyCValued MemberMember

    Are you sure he's a tail-biter? I thought my betta was biting his tail, but it was actually fin rot. You need to rule out fin rot before you turn to tail biting, if you haven't already:)
    Also, what kind of decor do you have? How strong is the filter flow?
  12. Ana AllyNew MemberMember

  13. Ana AllyNew MemberMember

    I got him biting it lol and I have alot of silk plants and hiding space for him

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