Taa Daa....My planted rimless tank!

  1. iRun Member Member

    Here it is.
    It took a long time of gathering the parts and pieces but it was all worth it. Its been cycled and running for a few months.
    36x12x12 rimless from glass cages
    Lights: 2x 45cm 4 watt archaea LED from Adana
    Substrate: Eco Complete. Not much because I'm into the water part more than the dirt part :)
    Heater: 150 watt aqueon pro
    Filter: Fluval 205. I wanted an eheim canister but Petco had the Fluval canisters 50% off last year, couldnt say no
    Malaysian driftwood from LFS
    Plants: Java fern, java moss, xmas moss, anubias nana, pennywort, bacopa, some 4 leaf clover and dwarf sagitta as an experiment, Kleiner bar sword
    Fish: 5 neons, 7 white clouds, 7 forktail rainbows, 4 panda corys, albino BN pleco, hillstream loach, Oto. Overstocked????? Abso-frickin-lutely!!! DONT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDDIES.

  2. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    Very nice!

    I don't really think you are overstocked, considering its a longer tank, but you are definitely stocked.
  3. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Love it!

    Wouldn't say you're overstocked. Just at stocked, yes. Also, make sure you've got plenty of algae for all your algae eaters. I've never had otos that would eat prepared foods or veggies.
  4. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Thats a great looking tank!

    Eh, I've seen (and done *looks at sig*) worse :) As long you are diligent in up keeping it, and you've got all those plants in there, you'll be fine =D
  5. iRun Member Member

    Thanks so much for the kind words, and *gasp* no accusations of overstocking in a fish forum :D
    @bassbonediva: thrilled that all my kids love wafers and zucchini, even my 'oto'potomus. But don't worry i'm an accomplished algae farmer ;)
    @Akari 32: tank maintenance is a lifestyle for me really. 2 tanks, so alternating maintenance weekly = cleaning and 50% water change every other week for each one. Since I work in a water quality lab i don't like to do any more testing than i have to at home (people who work in oreo factories probably never eat oreos hehehe), but I check things often enough to make sure it's stable.
  6. kribensis keeper Member Member

    love the tank but what is up with rimless tanks
  7. iRun Member Member

    It's an elitist, "my tank is cooler than yours" kind of thing.

    Bwaaaahh hahaha, just kidding

    I think the best analogy is: the same reason Sports Illustrated makes the swimsuit issue. You see everything you want to see and nothing that you don't.

    This tank is the focal point of my living room. Small enough that I can put it on an entertainment center (not a specialized aquarium stand) but long enough to have impact.

    Bottom line, I just like the clean look without the hood, big light fixture, etc.
  8. Borisbbadd Guest

    I think it looks really cool !!!
  9. CichlidSWAGA Well Known Member Member

    great looking tank! i will have to get me a rimless tank one day
  10. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    Looks great!

    I really enjoy my planted tank. They always change and I love up keeping it. Lol
  11. psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    Looks great.
  12. Tigerlily Well Known Member Member

    Lovely! You did a great job putting it together.
  13. iRun Member Member

    Awww shucks *blushing*

    The drawbacks are: increased evaporation (1/2 gallon per day) and the 2 white clouds who thought they would find greener pastures outside the tank.
  14. ivonko Member Member

    your tank looks great. the rimless tanks look so clean i love em. maybe ill get one someday... and the plants look awesome in there as well great job!
  15. Gamer Well Known Member Member

    Looks really good.
  16. Reefdweller Well Known Member Member

    I like this look very much. Did you build the tank yourself or did you buy it? How many gallons is it?
  17. iRun Member Member

    I bought the tank from glasscages.com I sold my 75 gallon with oak stand and canopy and that was enough money to buy the tank, the lights, and (due to a lucky fluke) the last Fluval 205 canister at Petco during a 50% off sale i didn't even know was going on.

    Im really a big fan of the rimless simply because when you look at it, all you see is what is in the tank.

    It's a 36"x12"x12" tank. Calculation puts it right around 22 gallons.

    Thank you so much everyone, for the compliments!