T8 Florescent Vs T8 Led Effectiveness?


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Hi all.

So I have an Aqua One AR980 tank. It has 2 T8 90cm (36 Inch) 30W Florescent tubes and 1 T8 76cm (30 inch) 25W Florescent tube. All 3 are tropicals.

Now I got a response from Aqua One that I can indeed use the T8 LED 'tubes' in place of the Florescent ones, by removing the starter for each.

"The old T8 version AR980 light can take the led T8 tubes, the starter must be removed first."

The LEDs are 13W for the 90CM (36 Inch), but I can't (yet) find an LED version of the 30 inch.

That said, how do I know what the effectiveness of the LED versions are vs the Florescent versions?

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