T5 bulb spectrum Question

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    billyboy2 Valued Member Member

    hi i just purchased a HO T5 lighting system. It's got 4 bulbs 2 are 10000K and 2 are 6700K. Are these the best setup with T5 lighting or are these bulbs not in the proper spectrum for reef tank??
  2. carlos413

    carlos413 Valued Member Member

    They should be two bulbs @ 10000k and two actinics aka blue lights those will be ether 420 or 460 actinics. 6700k I belive are more for freshwater plants.:;hf
  3. pepetj

    pepetj Well Known Member Member

    The 6700K are indeed ideal for FW planted tanks. For SW get two T5HO actinic lamps and just replace the 6700K ones.

    Santo Domingo