Swordtails Get Fungus On Tails

I seem to have a problem with my swordtails. Everytime I get some they always seem to develop fugus on their tails and eventually die. I tried using some fugus cure but it ended up killing all my swordtails. None of my other fish are affected by this fungus and I did use an accurate dose. Whats wrong? I managed to keep 1 for quite a while but it just died without any signs of injury or disease. Just stopped moving after if was resting in a plant??? Any suggestions?
I wouldnt have a clue what's wrong if the antI fin-rot didnt work but if it happens again take the fish to a pet store in some water soon after its died. They may be able to tell you if there is another problem.
Have you considered that it might be an additional disease like an internal bacterial problem which is unnoticable? Ask before you do this, but you may have to treat the water for other bacterial problems (this may wipe out your good bacterial culture, which is why you should show someone the fish first). Get your water tested too, depending on what other fish you have they may be more hardy than the sword tails and be able to fight off the infection. Stress can lead to fungal problems so make sure that any of your fish aren't taking a particular dislike to sword tails.
hope this helps, let me know.
thanks again fletch and yeah I do have a Red-tail Shark who does get rather aggressive towards them at feeding times. Next time I will take the fish to the store and ask if it happens again. Thanks!

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