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    I recently became the owner of a couple County Fair goldfish (thanks to my son lol) 7/13/15. With that being said I decided to get myself a 10 gallon tank 7/15/15. With the purchase of said tank I bought 2 glofish 7/15, 2 swordtails 7/15, and a birstle nose pleco 7/17. Unfortunately the 1 goldfish died a couple days after we borught them home.(we new this would happen as fair fish don't usually last long). The second goldfish died sometime early this morning 7/26. Both my swordtails died as well, one and then the other within a week of bringing them home 7/20 & 7/23. I did some research as most people would do being new to the aquarium world. I found I needed to test my water so I bought a water testing kit. Upon testing my Ph was around 7.5-7.6, nitrite was 0.25, nitrate 0 and Ammonia was through the roof so I did a complete water change after I tested my tap water (we have a well, not city water). Tap water turned out fine so I did the complete water change, and gave my tank a good cleaning. I bought 2 more swordtails 7/23 and 2 more glofish. One swordtail died today as well 7/26. The other swordtail that is left is spending a lot of time on the bottom but then will swim around like crazy for a bit and then go to the bottom again. the 4 glofish and the pleco are doing great. Finally to my question sorry for this being so long but wanted give as much info as I could. Am I buying sick fish, is there something going on that I am not aware of, or is this typical behavior for swords? I also have a bubble stone bar, a nice rock formation type hiding place and 2 fake plants for hiding. The only fish that I have bought from a big chain store (petco) is the pleco, all others have been from a local pet store, Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    A 10 gallon is way too small for all of those fish mentioned. Swordtails need at least 20 gallons. Your pleco has a high bioload, the goldfish need at least 40 gallons just for one. The ones given at county fairs are most likely commons and grow up to 8", if not more. Do you know about the nitrogen cycle?

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    Thank you for responding Dom90. I didn't know about the nitrogen cycle as I was just doing what we did when I was younger and had fish but I did just read up on it thanks to your link. We went out, bought an aquarium, filled it with water and added the fish, fed them once a day and cleaned the tank on a monthly basis. Back then we had a goldfish, a beta, and a few guppies in the same size tank as I have now. Maybe back then my dad did stuff to the tank that I didn't see or didn't pay attention to or things have changed since then either way I am learning a lot very quickly. I will wait till a month or so before I think about buying more fish. The woman at the pet store said everything I was buying would be fine for this size tank. I'm starting to guess she doesn't have a clue as I bought the tank from her store and the fish at the same time she also sold me some quick starter and a neutralizer. I will also test my water again tomorrow to see how the nitrogen cycle is going. The glo-fish seem to be extremely happy and the pleco seems fine. All are very active. Just been having problems with those swordtails. Now the gold fish was doing fine(very active) in the tank when the ammonia was high but I completely changed the water to reduce the ammonia yesterday and this morning it was dead. Your link told me to check the water every other day so that's what I will do. I did buy the test strips at first but they are hard to read so I bought a proper tank test kit. Until I can upgrade to a bigger tank I will keep to smaller fish such as the glo-fish. I want to go with a 50 eventually.
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    The words "nitrogen cycle" should take you to a link explaining it.

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    Yeah. That sounds like stocking was very high, also those fish dont like the same temperatures. (Didnt see that part mentioned)