Swordtail compatibility

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    soccermatt Valued Member Member

    i am currently cycling my tank with fish food and stability and its seems to be coming along nicely. I have a 12.5 gallon tank, with a 20 gallon water filter. I am hoping to first add a small school of cherry barbs (about 5). In maybe a months time i would like to add around 3 platies. I was hoping to a bit later on add a male sword tale just on its own. Would this be a good idea, or is it not compatible with the other fish.
  2. K

    Kerber23 Valued Member Member

    the only thing you have to worry about is the tail nibbling traits of the Barbs.. they are nuctorious Nibblers
  3. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Soccermatt. Unfortunately Stability doesn't contain the necessary bacteria to maintain your tank without adding it for the life of the tank. If you stop using it then chances are your cycle will crash.

    Tetra Safe Start (TSS) is the only water conditioner that I know of that may boost and cycle the tank within 10 days. Some members have had very good success with TSS.
    Q & A With Tetra about Tetra SafeStart
    Best wishes!
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    omnitheforsaken Valued Member Member

    I think swordtails and platy's can and will successfully mate so you should keep this in mind when you add the sword.
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    Randog New Member Member

    Yup, Omnitheforsaken is correct. Swordtails varities have aquired their color from platy crossbreeding with vaierious green sword forms. So if you don't mind a little mix in your drink, then by all means.

    And stablity is not so stable, as Aquarist48 mentioned.
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    babygirl303 New Member Member

    I asked at my LFS and they said platies and swordtails have only been crossbred in labs, and dont generally mate by choice. Also, the resulting fry are usually deformed and sterile...

    On another note, i have heard of male swordtails getting agressive towords male platies (not that they're meant to, apparantly theyre meant to be great tank mates)... i'm guessing it would get worse without females to focus on.
  7. Jrobber

    Jrobber Well Known Member Member

    I'm sorry babygirl, a quick google search disagrees with your LFS worker:


    Copied from the link:

    "Platies and Swordtails belong to the same Genus which means they are closely related and in most cases they will interbreed quite freely. And most of the modern fancy varieties originate from various crosses between the two along with some selective breeding. Guppies and Platies though, belong to different Genra making interbreeding a lot less likely if indeed it happens at all."
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    babygirl303 New Member Member

    oh... thats not good, im currently trying to breed platy, and i have 2 female swordtails in the tank, was about to add a male and start breeding the swordtails too, but if they will all cross breed, i'd never know what was from what lol. Might have to re-home my swordtails...