Sword tail FRY

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    tropical fish New Member Member

    so my LFS took some water from the tank above it since the other tank was too crowded, so i had a mickey mouse platy fish in swordtail water. At home i realized there were 7 swordtail fry need help on how to make home made fry food until i get a chance to go to LFS and precautins and tip thx:;batman
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    nhaiflich Valued Member Member

    They will be fine eating crushed up to powder flake food

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  3. FiscCyning

    FiscCyning Valued Member Member

    Swordtail fry will be pretty easy to feed. Just crush up the tropical flakes you have for your platies so it's very fine like dust. The most important thing if you want to raise the fry is to either keep them separate from the adult platies or provide plenty of hiding places like floating plants.
  4. OP

    tropical fish New Member Member

    i have added hiding places and the fry are actually fearless and have stayed at the top of the water most of the time looks to me platy is scared of fry!!!!