Switching to eco complete after cycling

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    Ap05 Well Known Member Member

    Hey everyone! Have a question on switching substrate. I have a cycled planted 55g with white gravel and I already hate it lol. I love the look of eco complete and am sure my loaches and cories would appreciate it as well.

    Is there an easy way of going about this? I don't want to ruin an BB, and so I was wondering if it's okay to just put a layer of eco complete on top of the white gravel?

    I really think I need more depth to my substrate as well. If I do this can I also just put it around my already rooted plants? Thanks!
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    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    Most of your BB lives in your filter. Ive changed the substrate from my tanks a few times with no ill affects. Ive just treated it like a large water change and have reaclimated my fish as if they where new and have never lost any.