Switching from HOB to cannister

  1. No Fishing Member Member

    I've had a HOB running on my 29gallon but I recently bought a hydor 250 to replace it. I currently have both running now but I'm wondering how long I shoukd run the 2 simultaneously before removing the HOB. How do I know when BB has built up in the canister?
  2. Granamyr Member Member

    Generally it will take a couple weeks to fully seed it. Unless there is a problem with too much water flow I would let them run together for a month then take off the old filter.

    Any reason you can't run both all the time? Or are you trying to reduce noise or something?
  3. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Can the HOB filter fit into the canister? Let it sit there for a month and you'd be alright.
  4. No Fishing Member Member

    I would like to remove the HOB filter because the current from both is blowing my plants around.

    I could place the filter from my aqueon hob in the first tray of my hydor. I never thought about doing that.
  5. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Yup. Just put cycled media crammed into new media. You keep the cycle and they populate the new media.
  6. Granamyr Member Member

    This is definitely the best option. I just like two filters running in case one does go down you're not scrambling to get a new one up and running ASAP
  7. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    That's the great thing about keeping the other media in the can, you can pull it out and use the old HOB in those events without losing the cycle. I'd just put the HOB cartridge on the bottom of the tray after a month. It doesn't hurt anything and you still have something ready for an emergency quarantine or lose of the canister

    Edit: No Fishing - how do you like the Hydor? I'm still going to buy one, but would like input on how others feel about them.
  8. No Fishing Member Member

    That's a great idea. I can put the used cartridge in the media tray for a few weeks then replace it with a brand new one later so if the need for the HOB ever arises I'll be ready.

    As for the Hydor, I love it. It's unbelievably silent. If I didn't see the water I wouldn't know it was on. I like the seal in the canister, no water gets around the baskets. One complaint I read is water comes out of the head when the hoses are disconnected for cleaning. You can avoid this by turning the input valve off before unplugging, let it run for 45 seconds, then unplug it and shut off the output valve. This makes no water come out when cleaning.
  9. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    You wouldn't need to put a new one in. You could use the old one still unless it's falling apart.

    They're quite with no blow by and affordable cost makes me want it. I've been looking at piecing together a 65, although I'll be using the 450.

    They are relatively new to the canister market so there's not a lot of following for them. It's nice to see a different name float around than Eheim, Fluval, and SunSun.
  10. No Fishing Member Member

    Awesome man thanks for the advice.

    I love it man, haven't had it for too long so I can't speak to longevity but I really enjoy it. I would definitely suggest it to others.