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    I have a ten gallon fry tank that came with a HOB power filter, but i have been using a bubble driven in tank box filter (the power filter sent my babies flying). upon inspection, it dose not seem very effective. I want to change to a sponge filter, but i know that if i suddenly reomoved my box filter and run both and placed in a new sponge filter, i would probably cause a mini cycle.

    I want to use the areator from my box filter to reduce cost, which is why i can not both simontaniously.

    is there a way around this?
    can i reduce the water flow somehow of my HOB filter so i can jusst use that?

    also, when i do large water changes, which seems reccomended in fry tanks, many of my tiny (3 mm) fry are gone. i think they are being killed by the large water change ( i try to match the new waters tempeture to the old water as best as i can) and i treat with amquel+. should i do smaller, more frequent water changes?

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    switch to the sponge filter, don't worry about the mini cycle, as that will be taken care of the more frequent water changes, i have seen many suggestions that one should do daily, or every other day water changes on fry tanks,(regardless of whether there is a minicycle in question) between 20-50%

    what kind of fry are they? and best of lucks!
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    Excellent advice steed!
    When I have tiny fry and I am doing a water change I siphon the water into a white bucket in case I siphon fry as well. this happens more than you think :) then I make a bucket of water and set it higher than the fry tank and use a piece of air pump tubing to return the water. this returns it slow enough it doesn't shock the tiny fry or swish them around the tank.
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    thats also a safe way to take the water out! and if you wanna get REALLY careful, add an air stone on to that no possible fry getting sucked up... but it may take an hour to get it out, which is ONE of the reasons breeders say half(or less) less water to change out, and in.. which means less work :D
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    To answer the hob question
    If you are handy you can put a dimmer switch on the filter to slow it down. Its easier to make a female and male plug on the switch so you dont have to cut the cord and it can be used on other stuff.
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    Thanks for the helpful replys. they are zebra danio fry. the larger ones (>.5") are free swimming in the tank, whereas the smaller ones are in breeding nets. the larger ones are strong enough to escape being sucked by the syphon, and the small ones are isolated in their container. i have a nerite snail and java moss in there as well. i may add cherry shrimp. there are 6 larger ones, and about 15 tiny ones, only 1 cm long.

    do i really need to change the water that often? i do it twice a week, a bit more than 50% at a time.

    i feed about 5 times a day, and remove excess food. i feed golden pearls, and will begin feeding chrushed flakes to the larger ones today.

    Are the fish really ok with drastic water changes? i prefer to to bigger changes, less often if i can.

    could i somehow decrease the flow of my HOB filter or decrease the current it creates?

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