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I took too much air out of my balloon molly swim bladder and now she sinks to the bottom and lie on her side. She tries to swim and upright herself but always lands on her side. She’s alive for sure and flapping her side fins (pectoral) and analfin. It’s only been 40 mins since she regained consciousness from her surgery.

Side note, she hasn’t been able to flap her tail fin (caudal) And top fin (dorsal) in months, probably due to her swim bladder disease putting pressure on her spine for months and, her being a balloon molly. So this may add to her not being able to swim upright.

So I have 2 questions.

1) Do mollie gulp air to inflate their swim bladder?

2) How do balloon mollies regulate air/gas in their swim bladder?


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I'd humanely euthanise the fish and kindly advise you next time to.do your research first and then operate (if.possible)
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kattiq said:
Hold on, you did surgery on your Mollie?
Yes I did, I Didn’t take out a lot of air the first time To be conservative. She recovered pretty well, swimming around and eating but would still float to the top if she stopped flapping her pectoral fins. I decided to take a bit more air out of her this time but a little too much and the first day she sank to the bottom. She is Still alive, alert, eating and swimming.
Today, her swim bladder is growing again and she’s becoming more bouyant. I’m going to treat her with bacterial and parasitic meds next.

My fear is that this may be a life long issue for her.

DoubleDutch said:
I'd humanely euthanise the fish and kindly advise you next time to.do your research first and then operate (if.possible)
I’ve done hours and hours of researched for a few months in fact. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information on balloon mollies regarding surgery on the swim bladder. Most surgeries regarding swim bladder disease related issues posted online are for goldfish. Procedures are practically the same, in fact, easier with a balloon molly because the swim bladder location is pretty obvious.

Kjeldsen said:
Paging Doctor Loh....
Dr. Loh is one of the YouTube channels I watched Over and over and over regarding the swim bladder disease.

Zach72202 said:
At least he made sure the molly was unconscious
I didn’t say it in my original post but I used medication to knock her out.

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