Swim bladder, mayhaps?

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    So one of my female GBRs has been displaying very low energy for a few days, and I'm getting concerned at this point. She's been eating sparingly, and just generally spending most of her time in very low-current areas. My immediate guess is that it might be a swim-bladder related issue, given that she's developed the habit of resting at an angle. Sometimes she's sorta leaning to the side, sometimes tipped forward about 45 degrees, etc. Nothing too major.

    Until about 5 minutes ago.


    After a couple otos went dashing past her and nudged her out of her spot, she did swim perfectly upright (no leaning or anything), but only to get to another low-movement spot on the bottom, by some driftwood:


    Peas are definitely on the menu tonight, I think. Any other thoughts? I first noticed the low energy a little under a week ago, so whatever it is certainly isn't terribly fast acting.
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    Just gonna go ahead and bump this.

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    She took a couple nips at the pea without garlic. Not sure if she really ate any, but I'll give that a shot tonight.

    My params are indeed in check -- 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate (heavily planted -- I'm actually going to start adding supplements tomorrow)

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    Almost a week later and she's still acting the same. Any more advice? I'm getting worried, but I'm also sorta not, given that her condition isn't really changing. Something is definitely wrong, though.
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    Such bump. Is there nobody who has any idea what it could be? She's acting more or less the same, but she definitely looks worse:


    I don't think it's swim bladder anymore, since she's both staying high and not struggling to stay upright. Now I'm leaning parasite. Is there a good general anti-parasite medication? She's in quarantine now.


    The male, for comparison.
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    Well, she's really not doing well. She's having a lot of trouble handling the current from the wimpiest little filter I own. I had to put a divider in the quarantine to keep her away from the filter since she got stuck to the intake twice (I noticed immediately both times). Depending on how she's looking tomorrow, and on whether anyone has any last suggestions, I may euthanize. That is, of course, assuming she makes it through the night, which I'm not entirely sure of.

    I really can't shake the feeling that this is something that can be medicated. However, I have absolutely no idea what it could be, so I have no way of accurately medicating.