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Swim Bladder Disorder Or Dropsy? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by gilbertsmom, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. gilbertsmomValued MemberMember

    hello! i’ve officially have had my fish for 1 year today. unfortunately, he’s not healthy. i cannot tell whether he is suffering from swim bladder disorder or dropsy, since the symptoms for the 2 are so similar. Image1555777410.228614.jpgIMG_3904.JPGIMG_3905.JPG

    for the past few days, he has been really bloated & lethargic. he mostly stays at the very bottom of his tank, sometimes swimming up to lay on his bed. he doesn’t seem to be swimming too weirdly, but it’s not really easy to tell because he doesn’t move much. when he’s laying at the bottom, his gills don’t move at all & i keep thinking he’s dead every time i check on him. he did lay sideways on one of his plants once & has been right at the top a couple of times, still not moving. after his fast yesterday, he did poop really late at night.

    here are the best most recent-ish pictures i can find of him before all of this started going on
  2. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Hi, the symptoms of the two are not similar, Dropsy is characterized by pineconing scales and is a symptom of kidney failure, fatal more than 90% of the time, only treatable with kanaplex and unscented Epsom salt.
    Swim bladder causes either positive or negative buyoancy issues, while it can be associated with bloating, it does not cause bloating.
    However, I'm not entirely sure that your fish has either. I can't tell from the pics (I'm not colorblind but have something similar, reds and some other colors give me issues, so the red + your gravel is just hard for me), are the scales pineconing and sticking out to the side? From the top view?
    Can you please list:
    What you feed
    How often you feed
    Tank size
    Water change schedule
    Water conditioner
  3. gilbertsmomValued MemberMember

    thank you so much for the reply! my fish is and orangey red with some blue on his fins. the gravel is a mixture of light & dark turquoise.

    he is fed a few flakes of nutrafin max beta colour enhancing flakes every day. occasionally, he is fed frozen bloodworms instead. i let him fast every few days, whenever i see him getting a little full. i’m not 100% sure of his feedings, though, because i’m not the one who does it.

    the temperature of his tank is currently a little over 70°f/22°c. i don’t have a heater because i’m saving up for one. same with a test kit, so i don’t know the nitrites, nitrates or ammonia levels :(. i would’ve been able to afford these things much sooner but i had unexpected bills for my dog (who later died) & i lost my job, & don’t have one yet.

    he is in a 10 gallon tank all by himself

    his water is changed every 2 weeks & we use the nutrafin aqua plus
  4. gilbertsmomValued MemberMember

    i forgot to mention that i’m not really sure if his scales are pineconing or not. they seem to be pretty flush against his body but i don’t really have any pics of him before to really compare it to. he also has some brown markings that make it look like they’re jutting out a bit, even though i’m not sure they are
  5. gilbertsmomValued MemberMember

    i’m pretty sure this is dropsy :(( please can someone else confirm it??