Swim Bladder Disorder And Rotting Fin! Please Help!

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by lhyuu, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. lhyuu

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    Hi all. I am very worried about my two male betta fishes. They are all sick. The white one has swim baldder disorder I think. He cannot keep his balance and always floats up when he wants to swim to the bottom. The black one has rotting fin. His original appearance is in picture 3. They are in separate tanks. Each tank is 3 gallons and they are the only live life in the tank.

    I fasted my white fish for about two day and began to feed him the frozen peas. Today it is the third day of feeding peas. I found he poop two time after I fed him peas. But his stomach (or the swim baldder?) is still bloated. I didn't see him get better. He is even worse now. He likes to hide in the area between the tank and the heater to keep balance(as picture 1 showed). And he is not active now. Could any one please tell me what should I do next? Should I continue feed him the peas or should I fast him again? I put a little aquarium salt in his tank but I don't know whether that could help.

    For the black one. I changed the entire water on Sunday, added the aquarium salt to his tank. Yesterday I added ERYTHROMYCIN. He is still very active and likes to eat. But I am wondering how can I know whether his fin stopping rot or not, and what is the sign to get better.

    I was very depressed and busy in the past month. So I didn't take too much care of them. I changed the water in about every 2 weeks and fed them every day and that's it. I am vey new to fishes so I didn't find the symptoms early. Actually I think they began to sick at least from April 2nd. But at that time I didn't notice that. I feel very regret and sad. Please help me if you have any idea. I really love them. Thank you very much.

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    I'm so sorry that your fish are sick!!

    First things first, can you please test your water parameters and post those results and what testing method you have used?

    I know nothing about swim bladder, but I am familiar with fin rot.

    Best thing for FR is water changes, daily.
    If you wanted to pack a little extra oomph to your water changes, something like Kordon Rapid Cure (avail at Walmart) or SeaChem's ParaGuard (or even StressGuard) would help out, too

    I see that your tank is heated, but is it also filtered, or no?
  3. OP

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    Thank you so much for the quick reply. I will buy these things and I will test the water parameters as soon as possible.

    The two tanks are filtered during daytime. The black fish's tank is still filtered. But the white fish's tank is not because I heard a method to treat swim bladder disorder is to low down the water level. And after that, the water level is lower than the filter's working area.

    How many days do I need to change the water daily?
  4. CarrieFisher

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    Until you start seeing clearish/white new and healthy growth (and beyond, to encourage full recovery), I would say.

    I highly recommend the API master test kit; in a pet store, Itll cost you about $30 usd, but it beats the heck (in accuracy AND cost effectiveness) out of those test strips.

    Are you familiar with the nitrogen cycle?
    It's beyond helpful to understand that for the health of your tanks, too.
    If you're no longer filtering your fish, if you did have a completed cycle, sadly, your beneficial bacteria has most likely died off by now.

    When I was new to actual aquariums, I read so many articles about this Nitrogen Cycle and it seemed so intimidating and over my head.
    THEN I watched this video, the clouds parted, and the powers that be, smiled on my brain

    I'm happy to help with whatever I can.
    I'm new to big filtered and heated aquariums, but Bettas were a little bit of "my thing" (I had two in unfiltered/unheated tanks, and each lasted about 4 years!! It wasn't ideal, I have learned, but I was meticulous about water changes and I think they lived well)
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    Thank you again! I tested the water in these two tanks today. The results are very similar. The PH is about 7.6-7.8; ammonia is about 0 ppm, but the color looks brighter than the card, so maybe between 0-0. 25? Nitrite and Nitrate are 0 ppm. And I turned on the filter for both of them today.

    Actually, today I found the white one's new poop. And he becomes much more normal now!!! He can stay at the bottom without the help of the plant. And I can see his stomach becom es smaller now. Although he is not so flexible as before, and is still prone to lose balance when he turns. I am very happy to see he's getting better anyway.

    For the rotting tail fish. I did find some clearish thing on the edge of his tail (Like it shows in picture 4). Is that a good sign? Its tail has some black color. I can't tell whether that's a bad sign or its original color. Does any one has any idea?

    Sorry the picture is big. 4.jpg
  6. Sen

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    It's kind of a small section, but yes, I think it looks like the fin is growing back! You might also see some iridescence (shiny parts) on the clear-colored parts as well, when they grow back more.
  7. OP

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    Thank you! I saw the clearish part becoming more obvious today. But I also saw two little white points. I can't make sure whether that are holes but I will keep watching on him.
  8. CarrieFisher

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    My DG was purchased with a little fin rot

    You'll notice that with FR, esp from bad water conditions, the edge of the bad fin will have black or dark edges, and new growth tends to looks whitish/clearish.
    I def agree that it looks like you have new fin growth!!

    I'll see if i have a clear pick of my dg with the dark fr edges, if you'd care to see it.
    He's all fixed up now except for one tiny part of one fin that hasn't fully grown back out yet.

    How are the boys doing lately?
  9. OP

    lhyuuNew MemberMember

    Thank you for the greetings. Although we are still struggling for the diseases, they seemed to be happy these days. :)

    I took a clear picture for blacky today. It's obvious that his edge has some white thing. But I noticed that there's a tearing tissue attached to his tail (see "here" in picture a1). I am not sure whether that's a new damage :( And also there's a white point on his tail. I am a little worried about that. Do you have any idea? If it's convenient, a picture of the dark fr edge is very welcome!

    Whity seemed to be normal when he just pooped. But after that he would be hard to stay at bottom again. He still likes to hide behind the heater. I bought epsom salt but I haven't try. I also bought him some frozen daphnia and will feed him tomorrow. Hope he would like it a1.jpg .
  10. Neptune334

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    I wouldn't worry too much about the torn tissue, Neptune seemed to have something like that and it grew back fine. The hole looks like a tear. Those little holes seem to heel very quickly on my fish. Give it about a week and it should be gone.
  11. OP

    lhyuuNew MemberMember

    Good to hear that. I will keep on watching him.