Swim Bladder Disease In Snail?? Help

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Kysarkel000, May 3, 2018.

  1. Kysarkel000Well Known MemberMember

    Why is my poor snail floating around all dangly?? Do snails have swim bladders issues? He's been willy nilly for a few days, should I put him in a shallow bowl or something so he can eat and not look so sad? Lol he's also shedding alot of goop. Is that normal? Poor George...

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  2. Kysarkel000Well Known MemberMember

    Maybe he's just going for a swim?? MVIMG_20180503_035016.jpg1525344856320.jpg1525344909179.jpg
  3. Skye_marilynWell Known MemberMember

    Mystery snails do not have a swim badder but the are capable of changing the amount of air in their shell to control buoyancy. Sometimes mystery snails will track upside down to eat bio film but the way yours is floating leads me to believe he’s sick. Snails can only get sick from something poisoning the water like ammonia, nitrite, fertilizerers with heavy metals especially copper, or food containing copper sulfate. Sometimes snails will do this if they are old (over 1 year assuming your tank is around 73-79 degrees Fahrenheit) when they are old they will slow down and start to act like this.
  4. Kysarkel000Well Known MemberMember

    Thank you, this has been very informative!!

    How long do mystery snails live anyways? I've had him for about 8 months now and I got him when he was big. So maybe he's just old? He's definitely not eating bio-film.

    I had him in a different tank for a while and his shell degraded quite a bit (it's getting better now I think.. ). People said it was from a swinging g pH and lack of calcium. But then I found my pleco was rasping on him (enforcing lack of calcium idea). So I put George the snail in a pleco-less tank and started giving calcium (to both tanks)

    His current tank (he's been in it for 3 months) gets natural sunlight so lots of algae, he gets algae waffer bits, bottom feeder pellets, and anything the betta misses. He also has a
    Peice if cuttle bone. The water perameters are always 0,0,5-20 but never higher. I'm not really sure how to read the kH, gH, pH as there's not a "good level" or "bad level" but I know if it's always changing it's bad..
  5. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    At high temperatures they may only live for a year or so :(. That being said, the fact that his antennae are out is a good sign. Sometimes when mine does that sort of thing for an extended period I'll pick him up and put him on a ledge close to the surface and normally he stops floating for a few weeks

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