Swim Bladder Disease And Fasting Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by LoveMyFish77, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. LoveMyFish77 Valued Member Member

    Hi, so I think one of my fish has swim bladder disease. He swims vertically and has a hard time staying up and keeps falling back towards the bottom of the tank. I read that the first way to treat is to fast for 3 days. Is this safe for all the fish?
    I prefer not to quarantine if I dont have to because in my experience quarantine only stresses the fish out more if he's acutely ill.
    Also, I think the cause of the swim bladder is he's been gulping air at the surface. It's not an oxygenation problem because I have 2 filters circulating water as well as an air pump, and none of my other fish show any signs of low oxygen. I'm not sure what's causing him to swim to the surface so much but I'm guessing that's what caused the swim bladder

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  2. RyanC14 Valued Member Member

    What kind of fish is it? I've heard that peas with the skin peeled off are good for treating swim bladder diseases for gouramis and goldfish (and some others).

  3. LoveMyFish77 Valued Member Member

    He's a glofish tetra.

    I don't understand why he's gulping for air. Everyone else is fine and I have lots of sources of oxygenation.

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  4. RyanC14 Valued Member Member

    Have you tested the parameters? Some fish are just a little a weaker than others, could be a nitrite issue.
  5. LoveMyFish77 Valued Member Member

    nitrites are at 0, but ammonia is at .25 because I had to take the carbon out and reduce water changes to medicate. He's very old, so maybe he's reacting to the ammonia because he's weaker?
  6. RyanC14 Valued Member Member

    That could be it, how old is he?
  7. LoveMyFish77 Valued Member Member

    Could it be a parasite that's making him gasp for air?

    He's almost 4 years old. He's swimming almost horizontally now at the surface of the water
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  8. RyanC14 Valued Member Member

    He may just be passing of old age apparently these tetras usually live about 3-5 years.
  9. LoveMyFish77 Valued Member Member

    I'm not ready for him to die :( he was the first fish my boyfriend helped me pick out back in college :(
  10. RyanC14 Valued Member Member

    I'm so sorry :(, but at least you gave him a good life, not all fishkeepers keep their fish alive throughout their entire life.
  11. LoveMyFish77 Valued Member Member

    Thanks... :(