Swallow-Tail Glass Catfish


Swallow-Tail Glass Catfish
(Pareutropius buffei)

Common names:
Swallow-Tail Glass Catfish, Swallow Tailed Catfish, Three Striped African Glass Catfish, DebauwI Catfish.
Size: 8cm
pH: 6.0 – 7.5
Tempº: 23ºC - 28ºC (73 F - 82 F)
Tank region: Middle Layer
Origin: Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Guinea, Benin.
Gender: Females are usually slightly plumper than males.
Notes: Unlike most Catfishes, the Swallow-Tail Glass Catfish is a middle dwelling species. It is both extremely active and very peaceful, making a perfect candidate for the community aquarium. The Swallow-Tail is a schooling species, so must always be kept in groups of preferably 6 or more. They enjoy a planted aquarium but also need lots of free swimming space because they are incredibly active. This catfish is omnivorous and will readily consume aquarium flakes or similar commercially prepared foods. This species is sometimes known as the 'DewaubI Catfish'; in reference to a very similar species called 'Pareutropius debauwi' but this species is actually rarely imported and fish sold as P.dewaubI are usually P.buffei. Overall this is an unusual but peaceful schooling fish ideal for community aquaria.
Pareutropius buffei 1.jpgPareutropius buffei 2.jpgPareutropius buffei 3.jpgPareutropius buffei 4.jpgPareutropius buffei 5.jpgPareutropius buffei 6.jpg

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