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SW to Freshwater

  1. Pete S

    Pete S New Member Member

    I had a beautiful saltwater reef a few years back but due to relocation had to tear it down and sold most of my items. I currently have a 125 gallon tank in storage and would like to start up a freshwater setup. I had freshwater tanks as a kid and I am sure the technology has changed as I had those corner filters with an airpump.

    I still have the VHO ballast and wiring going into the canopy but I imagine this may be overkill for a freshwater tank as I don't plan on having a planted tank in the short term, long term yes but not short term so I am wondering if I should hold onto my Ice Cap 660 ballast and instead of running 2 72" VHO bulbs maybe run 2 36" T5 bulbs? Would this be a good starting point for a fish only now with a possible planted tank in the future?

    Also I am leaning towards a canister filter either the Eheim 2217-37 or the Filstar XPL I remember people liking the Eheims a few years back but not sure that is currently the case.

    Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Adam55

    Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Hello and welcome to FL.

    I'm not a light expert, but the T5s are really designed to grow plants. If you don't have plants to absorb the energy then you might develop an algae issue. And the Eheim is a good filter. Eheim also makes a good bio media (SubStrat Pro) to go with it. But I'm not very familiar with the Filstar.
  3. OP
    Pete S

    Pete S New Member Member

    Cool thanks for that Adam55. If the T5s would create algae blooms I can always hold onto the IceCap ballast for future use If I every go to a planted tank and for now I guess I will just by a ballast to run standard output flourescent bulbs.