Susitna-Flower's tanks.

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My first try, be kind!

This is my Cherry Red Shrimp tank, 55 gal. Look close, the little buggers are all over the place.

Yeah! I did it! The first is a close up, you can count 4 or 5 shrimp and two rainbow platty fry.

The second is the entire tank, you can't see any shrimp, but you can see the adult fish they live and breed with!

I'm SO happy, this was a real test of this non computer literate old woman!
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Thanks for sharing! Your tank looks good.
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great job grammy!!!! those shrimp look so cool! I wish I could have some...but not sure about them so would have to heck into their habitat and who they can "hang" with..all my other kids I either rescued (which sometimes I made it worse by housing them wrong) or I bought with no knowledge of now thanks to fishlore, I'm learnin! thanks for sharing!!
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Your tank looks great.......and taking pics will soon become addictive..............hope you keep sharing them!!
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Very cool! I love cherry shrimp - the one that came with our plecos (bonus) has given us a whole bunch of tiny little shrimp all over the quarantine tank.

I know, several weeks ago I put 10 over into my fry tank, and yesterday moved all the fry out to use it as a hospital tank for a bn pleco who has a before medicating I was feeling remorseful for the shrimp....

Well I placed some shrimp pellets in and waited 30 minutes....went back and caught over a hundred big shrimp! It really surprised me they are as easy as they are. I think the key is lots of water changes...
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lol.. As long as you do the most very basic tank work (atleast one waterchange a week is recommended) the shrimp absolutely thrive. The ones in our 55 gallon sometimes hide so well it looks like none are in there.. shake the plants and whamo you have a hundred or more.

Its cool seeing the babies on the plants, and the mothers full of eggs. Even cooler are the blue color variety of the cherry shrimp. The blue ones' eggs look green. I think it is yellow eggs being seen through blue body color, but anyway.

Good job on the picture taking and posting, S-flower.
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Susitna - if lots of Java moss is the key to CRS breeding then can you imagian what I'm going to be getting in an IwagumI style tank?!> Great pics - now where did I put the camera?:kewlpics:

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Thanks everyone for the encouraging words!

I've been at it again, find below my 125, not the best pic, but will replace it when I get another more full on.

My Royal Pleco, and then the red line sharks.

All these fish are in the 125, though it is impossible to see them in the full view. Another resident I'll get a picture of one of these days after lights out are the Black Ghost Knife and Raphael Cat. I think they are still in there.....

This IS fun.....thanks to the online resizing tool, and all of you that have gone before, x for making it easy enough even a cave woman can do it!
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Wow, that's one gorgeous tank. Your pleco is so cute and the red line sharks....just beautiful!
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Wow, that's one gorgeous tank. Your pleco is so cute and the red line sharks....just beautiful!
Thanks Lucy, There were 12 redlines, till I took a 10 day trip up to Fairbanks at the first of this month....

My 18 yo son tank set, and the list is long of fatalities....I really don't know what he did or didn't do...
I lost
1 Male Krib
2 redlines
1 green neon cory
All these were in my 125...

In one 55.
1 Rainbow that had an rip in his skin...understandable
2 platties

In other 55.
2 Neon rainbows

That was a very expensive trip....suffice it to say, he won't be tank sitting any more... You just can't over do tank care and maintenance!

However the reason to go was great also. My daughter just bought a house, and needed her dad to install a kitchen. We had a good time and this is the result. The home is a 1930's historic box, with hardwood floors, OLD plumbing, it is small so we tried to do a modern small version of something new...(unfinished cabinets, I sanded, stained, and finished Dad did all the rest).
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I'm sorry you lost all those fish, you mut have been sick over it.
However, to share such a project with your daughter's is priceless. The kitchen looks very inviting. The cabinets are beuatiful, good job!
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Tanks look Great!


sorry you lost some of your fish... :console: RIP
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SSF--Your tanks are great and your daughter kitchen is beautiful! Sorry for the loss of fish in your absence . Hope to see more fish in the future.

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Sorry about your little guys. That pleco is deffenatly royal!

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Your tanks are beautiful, and so is your daughter's kitchen! Sorry to hear you lost some of your fish. I look forward to seeing more pictures!
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wow! your tanks are fantastic, if I were a fish i'd come and live there and that kitchen is lovely! bet she's pleased!
keep up the good work!
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Beautiful tanks! I have to find my camera...not that my tank is anything to look at... YET!

Lucy - my cat sits in empty tanks whenever he gets a chance! In fact, I think he would sit in the full tank if I let him... he's my biggest helper when I work on the tank, everything I do is cheek to cheek with his fuzzy face.
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Great looking tank and fish. wanna come and re do my kitchen ?
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Great looking tank and fish. wanna come and re do my kitchen ?

Don't tempt me Carol. The ONLY vacation my husband and I ever took, included two work projects.....we had been married for 12 years, we made a trip "outside" and built a deck for one friend, and remodeled anothers barn into a museum. We have now been married 25 years and have not been on another vacation since!

Thanks everyone for the kind words......I will take more pictures as time allows.

Tan, it was fun to see your name here, and know you had a peek...
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You have beautiful tanks!!!
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Thanks for sharing more pics of your tanks. That large one looks great. I love the pleco.. .he is very handsome.

Sorry that you lost so many fish also.

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