Surface-feeding Cory?


I think my Cory has been influenced by Miyamoto (my koi). After months of watching Miyamoto feed at the top, despite the fact that carp are supposed to be bottom-feeders, the Cory has decided that it would get a better meal up there than waiting for the leftovers to drift to the bottom. A couple of nights ago, as I opened the lid for feeding time, the Cory swam to the top of the tank and waited by the feeding ring. When I dropped food in, it did a partial backwards somersault, leaving its mouth just at the surface, and began sucking up food. It's really neat to watch it eat, because the "whiskers" close around the food, making them look more like tentacles wrapping around its prey.
Because of its disregard for the "rules" of eating for Cory's, and because of the "tentacle" thing, I have decided to name the Cory Cthuhlu.
I hope none of my other fish become influenced by the Mythos. I've got creepy enough pets as it is.


LOL.. i'd love to see a vid of that!


Long ago I had one that did that also. They are smart little critters and soon learn where the food is There was a thread about this on another forum I frequent so this must not be as uncommon as we think. but cute non the less.
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