Surface agitation for co2 high tech tank

Good morning all. I have a 55gal deep substrate dirted tank with 3" sand capping with a 20gal sump filter. I have CO2 injection. I have a wave maker above diffuser to disperse co2 and on the other side of tank is another wave maker to circulate co2. This circulation does make a shimmering surface agitation. My question is should there be more agitation or no agitation for the o2/co2 balance. I've read so many websites & forums that for my size tank yes I should have more and some say no agitation. At the moment I can't get any pearling on plants. So confused.
The ideal set up is as much surface agitation as possible while also being able to maintain 30 ppm co2.

Some people have a hard time maintaining co2 for whatever reason with a lot of agitation so they adjust agitation. With a good quality regulator, I personally don’t see how that can be an issue. Maybe they just don’t want to spend money refilling it all the time. Also in my plant only tanks I have very little agitation.

Co2 is cheap so I blast as much as I need to with the highest agitation to obtain 25-30 ppm for the light cycle. That’s about 8-9 bubbles per second in a similar sized tank, but that is subjective. The plants and fish are now happy.

Simply agitate as much as possible and adjust co2. But never sacrifice flow for agitation.

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