SuperBowl Babies!

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Alright, so I was watching the SuperBowl when I saw little fry swimming in my tank.

I was very surprised and I had many baby guppies. It was a pretty crazy moment for me but the fry are doing o.k.

When I have the time I will post videos of them being born and growing up from fry to adult.

I also will post a video of this very cool-looking platy who has a very long dorsal spine, he's very beautiful like a new breed.
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Congrats on the babies!
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Congrats on the new fry.
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Congrats! How exciting!
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hem in the tank as soon as I could and they seem to be doing fine. They must of


News Update: Alright, so I was cleaning my tank like any other Wednesday when I had to clean my filter. Inside my filter I saw 4 little fry. I was very surprised because I thought my fry were so small that they could not fit in the little tiny filter holes. So, I guess what everyone else was saying was true. Always cover your filter with nylon or mesh, or something with small holes small enough to not fit a fry.

Thankfully all the fry were alive and well. I put them in the tank as soon as I could and they seem to be doing fine. I'm not sure how long they have been in there but the probably survived off the food scraps sucked up by the filter, hopefully they don't come out deformed because of the lack of light or strong water current in my filter.

So the moral of this story is, always cover your filter with something even if you think the holes are too small for your fry to fit in. Luckily I was cleaning my tank today or else they probably would have died if I had found them too late.

This happened before but with my ghost shrimp, he didn't get sucked up but I think he climbed up or something. I was cleaning the filter and then I see him pop out of nowere when I pout the filter water into the sink. Luckily only the filter water fell in the faucet hole, and not the ghost shrimp. I scooped him up with a plate and put a napkin on top so he wouldn't jump and fall out. Then I dropped him back on the tank. Till this day he is alive and well and bigger then ever.

Hopefully my experience can help yours and remember, cover those filter holes!

I will keep you posted on the fry.
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Its been one week since my fry were born, and now the following week I get more. I have been blessed with about 40 or so this time and they are amazing little creatures. The difference between 1 week of age and 1 day of age is very noticeable. The one week olds are way bigger then the just born fry.

It's amazing every time a guppy gives birth.

Anyway, some of the guppy have appeared to have been born with a part of their yolk it seems. It looks like they have a big orange/yellowish stomach..Is this normal? Will they die? Are they a little premature?

they appear to be swimming well and aren't lying on the gravel or anything
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Do you have pics of them? Gups don't have egg yolk sacs & we didn't see that in the 100s of fry we had from our red fancy gups.
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Never heard of yolks, might be some form of infection post pics quickly, and congrats on experiencing such a phenomenon in your tank.
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Yes I will def. post pictures as soon as I get batteries for my camera, ughhh X_X, my camera guzzles batteries up so fast!
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That's crazy that your female guppy had fry on the superbowl. Congrats on the fry. Man those guppies don't stop breeding.
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Try the high-capacity rechargable digital camera batteries. Those last 100-200 shots easily on ours.
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For the camera you really need the lithium bats, they just last forever. Rechargeable to, I think. This may very well be what betta is talking about also.
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lithium batteries like AA and AAA are not Rechargeable.

I use rechargable batteries in my camera and they work great and they save you money in the long run.
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Thanks guys, I'm going to the store on Saturday and Ill make sure to pick up the right batteries.
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So I just got home from watching the Superbowl at my dad's house, and what do I see peeking out from my 34g? BABY MOLLIES! ;D Both my females are preggers, but I'm not sure yet who delivered. I've been gone since Friday morning, so I don't know when it happened either. I managed to hang my 6" net on the side and coralled 7 babies into it. I didn't see any others, but the angel probably got them if there were any. I found the survivors hanging out in my floating plants. After containing them, I powdered some of the regular Molly food (Omega One veggie flakes) and sprinkled a little in.
Will they be okay on this or should I go find some better baby food? I have heard of one by HikarI called First Bites. Is that any good?

Also, should I invest in a real breeder net or some other device to coral them until they're big enough not to be eaten? I have a 3gal QT box, but no sponge filter for it, and not much extra media to insta-cycle it with.
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Congrats on the fry! The flakes you feed your other fish crumbled up will be fine/
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Ok thanks Found another one, so the fry count is up to 8 now.
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How cool! Superbowl fry! Congratulations!
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Thanks! I picked up a breeder net today and the fry seem to like the extra space. And I have my other net back >_>
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I think you might want to think about cycling your 3 gallon Q tank, because you can't release them into your main tank until they're after neon tetra size.

Congratulations on the fry!
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Oh good suggestion Elodea. I'll set it up. Also my angelfish keeps hanging around under the net box and looking up at them. I imagine Jaws music playing...
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Oh wait, I do have a 10gal already set up with 5 ADF's, would the fry be okay in there for awhile until they're big enough to move to the community tank/sell?
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Update: Today my new orange creamsickle molly decided to have her babies too T_T Darn water rabbits....
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Update: Today my new orange creamsickle molly decided to have her babies too T_T Darn water rabbits....


ROFL at the water rabbits! I like that nickname!
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They should be okay with the frogs; just make sure to fit a piece of sponge filter media over the power filter intake tube or the babies might get sucked in.
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Lol, love it! I had 5 mollies 3 weeks ago, I was shocked as they were exact replicas of the adults, but tiny! Not like my guppies who looked like little blobs.

Many congrats on the Superbowl fry & the new fry!!!
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Yeah I was really surprised to see the fry look a lot like the adults. I can even tell what coloration they will have. Some of the orange fry even have some black on them. Dad must have been one of the black mollies in the store tank.
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I moved the fry to a 2.5g minibow with heater and modified minI whisper filter. They seem to be doing fine, and it appears I have at least 18 now (including the new orange fry).
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wooww....gud to hear that they are doing fine... and congrats on the fry...

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