Super Noisy Ac 20

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Bogart16, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. Bogart16

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    Hi folks,

    I bought a brand new Aquaclear 20 for my 10 gallon ADF/betta tank today. Hooray for Petco coupons!

    I set it up tonight and have it running on the tank along with the old Topfin filter. This thing is loud! It can almost drown out the air purifier on the other side of the room. This tank is in my bedroom and I never heard the Topfin filter. With the AC....I can hear the motor going and I'm guessing it's shaking a little bit. I've removed the lid which helped a tiny bit. And it's level as far as I can tell. Any suggestions for quieting this thing down? Or should I take it back to the store?
  2. ashenwelt

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    Clean out the motor section and pour some prime in and rub it around. The replace and validate no air pocket issue in the intake tube. More air equals more noise.

    Hope that helps.
  3. OP

    Bogart16Valued MemberMember

    Appreciate the advice. luck. Tried both with Prime and Stress Coat. Honestly, after restarting the filter a few times tonight, it looks like it's having a hard time drawing water in. I'm going to let it run a few more days and if it's still noisy/rattling, back to Petco it goes on Thursday.
  4. Brizburk

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    Some are just horrible noise makers. I have 3 of the same filter but one is so dang noisy I sometimes turn it off at night so I can have silence.... maybe I need something else
  5. Zahc

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    I have 2 AQ 30's and they are very quiet in my opinion. The only sound I hear is the noise of water breaking if the water line in the tank gets to low from evaporation. I think your's is broken, or your intake pipes aren't secured in properly.