Super mean male platy

I've actually never kept platies before but I bought 3 to go in my 29 gallon that's going to be a miscellaneous peaceful community tank. A female and male sunburst and a female red wag. The red wag is definitely pregnant and I caught him mating with the sunburst earlier today. I was expecting some fry from them so no worries there but the male bullies the red wag a lot like she runs and hides when she sees him coming. I thought about getting 2 more red wag females so maybe it would take some of the heat off of her but I won't buy fish from Petco or Petsmart anymore and won't be making the trip to another store until this weekend. Today, she seems like she's close to giving birth but he's still harassing her nonstop. Should I put him in a breeder box or move him until she has them or should I even worry about it? I have a couple options for tanks he could go into for a little bit if I need to.
I don’t know hopefully she’ll be alright, he can’t get in the box. He will probably calm down soon. And when you get some more of the red wags that will probably help
That's strange, I had a similar issue too. I had a sunburst male and female and a female red wag too and I had to remove him to the quarantine tank because he went from getting along this whole time to absolutely mercilessly bullying only the red girl. He didn't seem like he wanted to mate he would just ram her and bite if she came near his side of the tank. He was guarding the other preggo girl never leaving her and after she gave birth he started beating on her too and on the betta -.- I walked in and all of my fish were hiding from a platty xD so he's in his own now the brat.
Well I hope that doesn't happen! I'm hoping that once I get some more, the bullying will at least be spread between them and not just on the one girl. She's freaking out in the breeder and now every fish in the tank is hovering around her. She has definitely figured out how to avoid him when she's free in the tank though. She sneaks up to get food and takes off before he notices most of the time. I just kind of feel bad for her because he won't let her come out from behind the filter unless he's distracted by food. I had my male betta in there for about a week and the platy didn't really pick on him but he's pretty aggressive. The betta's fins are so big that he wasn't quick enough to catch him. That's the only thing that saved him. Maybe I should put the betta back in to put him in his place a bit lol
He's not mean to the sunburst female at all but he will not leave her alone. She's hiding behind the CO2 diffuser right now trying to get a break from him. If she does hide for a minute, he goes looking for her once he realizes she's gone.
I put the male platy in the breeder box yesterday until a little bit ago because he started to bully the sunburst female also. She's still pregnant so I'm not sure what changed. Today, I found a little private owned store that was only about 40 minutes away and got two white mickey females (they didn't have any red wags). He's still bullying and harassing the sunburst female a bit but not bad and only goes after the red wag every once in awhile so far. We'll see how it goes in the next few days.
Well its been 3 weeks... The sunburst male is doing fine with all the females except the red wag. Its to the point now that I can tell she's not happy. She stays at the bottom of the tank and runs as soon as she sees him. Should I worry about it? I was thinking about taking the sunburst male back to the store because they've already had 10 sunburst fry or I may take the red wag back. The only other tank I could maybe separate one to is my betta tank but I don't see that working either. He's super aggressive. Opinions?
Well I think that at this point if he is still harassing her and you can see she is not doing well, then i think you should rehome either the male or female to a friend or the pet shop.

...unless someone else on here has any more suggestions.
I kind of like having the pair of sunbursts but I'm a little afraid that if I rehome her, he'll just start going after another female. I'll probably just take him.
I kind of like having the pair of sunbursts but I'm a little afraid that if I rehome her, he'll just start going after another female. I'll probably just take him.
Yeah you might just get rid of him. Or you could put the female that he is harassing in your betta tank inside your breeder box for a few days and see if your male starts harassing your other female.

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