Super high KH? Help

  1. PedroThePie Member Member

    Got a lot of API test kits today, and when I did the KH test, I had to use 17 drops before the water turned yellow. According to the chart, thats way over 400ppm, it stops at 12 drops! The GH is normal at ~53ppm, nitrites are too high, >5pmm, and nitrates are at 5, starving my plants unfortunately.
    Its a 14 gallon, going threw a mini-cycle with a half blind betta and some cherry shrimp ((I put them in after I thought the maincycle was done, so wrong was I)). I'm sure that if the KH is this high it can't be good, or can the test kit be wrong?
  2. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    The test could be wrong or it could be right. I'm not sure about the betta, but the cherry shrimp will do fine in that water. I am not 100% sure, but I think high KH means you have high calcium/magnesium amounts in your water. Do you have anything in the tank that could be adding additional calcium and/or magnesium into the tank.
  3. TKDennison Member Member

    Oh jeez..sounds like my water!

    I have to use 80/20 RO to tap to get my kh and ph to a manageable level.

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  4. PedroThePie Member Member

    only some rocks that came from hawaii, and theres flourite sand, not sure if that would leak anything.
    I think it might be the rocks... the seller said he keeps them in freshwater tanks but theres tons of people saying that ocean rocks in a tank isnt worth it.
    If the bettas doing fine than I'll keep them. Calcium is good for shrimp.
  5. TKDennison Member Member

    Fill a bowl with bottled water, test it, and then place a rock in it and test every few days. That should tell you if it's your rocks.

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  6. PedroThePie Member Member

    Clever! Doing that now, thanks! :D
  7. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    You can also do the vinegar test. Take the rock out, and let it dry. Then put a few drops of vinegar on it, if the vinegar bubbles then it is probably leaching calcium into the tank. If the rocks came from the ocean, I would bet they are the culprit and leaching calcium into the water.