Super Fish In New Tank 15 Gallon Tank

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    Fitzy The Fish New Member Member

    Alright i have 2 tanks. A 40Litre(10g) one and a 60Litre(15g) one. In the 40 litre one we washed the tank with soap water. So all the chemicals got stuck inside the glass and keep producing bad nitrite and nitrates for the water. So we had to get the 60Litre one. But there is one fish ( Super Fish ) still alive in the 40Litre one. I just want to know if i could move Super fish from the 40 Litre tank into the 60Litre tank:;f :;fb :;fg :;fr
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    Hello Fitzy.

    Soap has no place in the aquarium hobby. I really have to question if it's having an effect on your water chemistry readings. You must have it rinsed really well or the fish currently in the tank would not be alive. Did you lose fish recently? Please, no more soap for any reason! :)

    It sounds more like the tank just isn't cycled. It would be a great help to you to know your exact readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. According to your aquarium information you only have a pH test. An API (liquid) Master Test Kit is highly recommended on this site. How long has the tank the fish is in been up, running and cycled? How did you cycle it?

    As far as moving the fish. Until your tanks are cycled I would suggest that you leave him where he is. If the tank he is currently in is cycled with 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and under 20 nitrates then you could move him and the filter and some of the substrate to the new tank. Check your readings.

    What type of fish is Super Fish?

    Best of luck!
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    Fitzy The Fish New Member Member

    Yeah. I now know not to put soap near my fish tank. I'm going back to the store in a week to get more fish for my 60Litre tank so i will probably get a master test kit. Last time super fish's tank got checked out is ph was 7.0 his ammonia was 0 but his nitrate and nitrite were off the scale in a bad way. (Super fish is a serpae tetra)
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    If you move super fish the serpae tetra to your 15 gallon, he will need some friends. 5 friends. With 5 buddies, you will have used 9 inches for them. Then, you will have 6 inches for whatever type of fish you want. (as long as they are compatible) and super fish will be a happy camper.