Super Excited!

  1. LadyButterfly

    LadyButterfly New Member Member

    I just ordered three new bettas to fill my heated, cycled (0,0,5), and filtered 7 gallon aquariums.

    I have five currently, but they were all rescues from various places which took a bit of work to get healthy. This is my first time ordering online from breeders, so it'll be nice to start off with healthy fish for a change.

    The first one I ordered was a dumbo ear half-moon female. She'll be arriving this Thursday. Then I ordered two male half-moon plakats from They'll be shipped out on the 8th. Has anyone ever ordered from lovely bettas before? The fish looked healthy and are very pretty in my opinion, so I couldn't pass them up. Not to mention, half-moon plakats are my favorites and these will be the first I'll own.

    Their listings are still up at the moment, so these are the two I got.


    I'm also in the process of cycling two 10 gallon aquariums which means in a few weeks I'll probably add two more, but having ten is my limit. My daughter is extremely allergic to cats and dogs, so bettas are something we enjoy owning together. She likes to help me out with their care as well.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement with people who'll understand it, instead of those who will roll their eyes because I'm pumped about getting new fish. But, until they own one themselves they'll never understand the enjoyment they bring.
  2. JeffK

    JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Make sure you post some pics when they're all settled in to their new tanks!
  3. OP

    LadyButterfly New Member Member

    I most certainly will!