Super Easy Microwave Sinking Veggie Wafer Recipe!

Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by LittleBlueGuppy, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Hi, I was doing a little bit of experimenting, and I made some super easy microwave veggie wafers!:)


    blanched broccoli stem,
    blanched, shelled, peas,
    blanched lettuce,

    Other things you can add:
    blanched zucchini,
    blanched carrot,
    blanched cucumber,
    or any other veggies your pet likes!


    Simply mash up your ingrediants in a little bowl and form some plump little rounds (they shrink in the microwave)
    and press the easy cook button on your microwave a few times till they turn into crispy, dry, little discs. You may need to flip your veggie rounds after a little bit so they don't stick to the dish.

    Once your your little veggie discs are done, just drop them in the tank and the should sink right away! (At least mine did). My snails have been all over these things.:D
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  2. JtheFishMan Valued Member Member

    Amazing what some experimenting can do!