Sunburst Dwarf Gourami

  1. omordn

    omordn Valued Member Member

    I have a sunburst (i.e. Honey) dwarf gourami and I am suspecting that he may not like the food I have offered him. I tried the below food and it seems that he tries to eat it but then spits it back out:

    1. Tropical Flake Fish Food by Omega One
    2. Bloodworms
    3. Omega One pellets
    4. New Life Spectrum small pellet food

    What gives? Is this normal eating behavior?

  2. renegadefish

    renegadefish Valued Member Member

    I feed my sunburst honeys the same flake and pellet plus another type of pellet. as well as frozen spirulina brine shrimp. mine love all of it. have fed them frozen bloodworms but they didn't seem to like those as much.