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  1. WicketteValued MemberMember

    I picked up a new 75g tank and 20H tank to make a wet dry sump filter. (confession FW setup but Im sure ill get better answer from the reef people)

    I have never used a sump before, so just need to know if my design is sound"

    Im using 1/4" acrylic baffles with a glass tank, not ideal but the only option

    My plan was to set the minimum baffle water level to 8.5" assuming will be running it as 9"-11.5"
    (11.5" water level allows the tank to lose 1.5" in a power outage)

    are there reasonable number to base my baffle placement ?
    Are there calculators or other resources i can use to figure all this out.

    how big does the pump section need to be? does it matter as long as the pump fits?

    Heres a rough diagram of the baffle placement

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  2. JesterraceWell Known MemberMember

    Most folks on the salty side don't do the wet/dry sump config these days. With freshwater you want various things to trap or catch things, but with a reef tank you definitely don't want anything trapping the nasties beyond maybe a filter sock. I will say this much though since IMHO this is universal, you want a sump that provides as much room for you to work on as possible as few things will irrirate you more than a cramped sump when it comes time to do maintenance on the equipment, change out filters/media, etc. So keep that in mind with your design. Is the 20H as big as you can go, or can you get something larger? The larger the sump, the more effective it is for flow and getting solid equipment in there to do the job. I have a 90 gallon reef tank with a 29 gallon sump and wish I could have a 40 gallon breeder (but it won't fit in my stand). One piece of equipment I do recommend are the Jebao DC return pumps (either DC6000 or DC9000 model for your tank). I have the now discontinued 8000T model and it is a great return pump with good strong flow even at 40% power. They are probably the best bang for buck return pumps out there.
  3. WicketteValued MemberMember

    only a 20H or 20L will fit in the stand. Technically I can squeeze a 29 but that would give me 2" above the tank to work with.

    Im mainly concerned about size and placement of the baffles. Specially to acount for evaporation if Im away for 2 weeks.

    The stand is nearly complete, and Im using a seperate container for the mechanical filtration so this sump is just for biological. The mechancal filter is sketched out bellow and not in scale, its essentially a 3 gallon HDPE drum with 2 output bulkheads. It will hold 0.6 gallons before flowing into the sump