Sump or no sump?

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    I am starting a saltwater aquarium in a couple of months[if not then I will start it around Christmas]It will most likely be 75 gallons and it is going to be a regular saltwater tank.I will most likely upgrade to a reef aquarium in a few years or so?I want to know if i need a sump.I am starting to buy equipment now so I really need to know.:;thx
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    Depends on what you want to do! If going reef start it now and in a few years you will have an awsome reef!!! Need help ask me? I will guide you through the process but will cost you a good amount to start out . Do you have funds to do this?
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    Ok,thanks.I'll probably start one when I get the tank.I do need some help.I have no idea on how to set one up.:;thx
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    A sump is another tank or container which you put your equipment into. Most sumps are regular tanks that people have inserted either acrylic or glass panels to seperate the equipment so the water will go through all or most of the filtration before pumping it back up. Those panels are called baffles.

    I have two kinds of sumps that I'm using. One of them is a simple one I made. The water drops down into a chamber where your protein skimmer is sitting. The next section it will go through is the refugim A refugim is simply what it sounds like. A refugee for pods to to multiply. Its also usually a place to house macro algae. The last section is the return pump.

    My other sump is a little different. Water drops into a filter sock (a cloth filter that prevents solids from coming in the sump) in the first chamger. The 2nd chamber is split. 3/4 of the 2nd chamber is the place for the skimmer. A barrier splits the other 1/4 section into a refugim. The two chambers than go into the return pump section.

    What I have in my sumps and refugims is:
    -A protein skimmer
    -A powerhead for refugim (optional)
    -The sump itself
    -A retrun pump
    -Filter Socks (optional)
    -A refugim (optional, but reccomended)
    -People put nitrate, phosphate, etc. reducer in they're sumps, but I don't use those. I don't like chemichal filtration that much honestly. I just buy a good skimmer to prevent all those troubles.

    You cuould either make or purchase a sump. In my experience and opinion, a DIY one is better. Ready made are over priced IMO. I purchased a 30 gal sump/ refugim for $400 bucks when I was new. I made a 40 breeder sump refugim with a bigger space for skimmer and sump for roughly $120-150 with everything new. - a good website for DIY
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    gain or have ready proper funds and knowledge.
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    Not a problem will be happy to help Betta 2004. Just give me a chat!!
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    I'm currently planning my first SW tank which will be a 46 gallon bowfront reef. From what I've read so far it looks like you should start a reef from the beginning if that's what your plan is.

    Go to the library and pickup some SW books. I recently read SW for Dummies. I'm currently reading The New MArine Aquarium by Micheal Paletta. This seems like a really good book. When I'm done with this book I'll start The Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium by Vincent Hargreaves.

    There are certain fish which are reef safe and some that aren't because they will eat your corals and anemones. This is something you shopuld decide on now before setting anything up.

    The common theme in all of my research has been about live rock. Live rock seems to be crucial to a healthy SW tank because it can store a boat load of beneficial bacteria.

    Try to pick up some of those books I mentioned.
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    Read read read. And when your done read some more. As mention above get your self some good books. Goggle is an awsome tool if you know what your looking for. Here is a good tip to live by in this hobby, don't buy anyting unless you know how to take care of it. Make sure you can provide what it needs. Don't impulse buy... And yes I recomend a sump, not needed but recomended.Good luck with that.