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Sump Or Canister For 35 Gallon Aquarium

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Cameron92, May 22, 2019.

  1. Cameron92 New Member Member

    Hey guys, currently in the process of planning out my first marine aquarium and I've been extremely undecided on how I want my filtration setup to go, I've got a 35 gallon aquarium that I want to turn into a saltwater. I don't want to drill the back and from what I'm reading on a few websites with the size of the tank I'd be better of just having a canister filter? I know that they are known as 'nitrate machines' however I'll probably be cleaning it weekly if not, fortnightly anyway.

    Could anyone spare me some thoughts? I'm currently leaning towards canister, mainly due to the initial cost of it.
  2. Jesterrace Well Known Member Member

    Not sure what sites you are reading, but Canister Filters on Marine Tanks are the most trouble prone filtration method out there. You want a filtration system that is open and easy to clean for maintenance purposes and thus a canister filter is the least attractive option as they often trap the nasties leading to out of control algae issues. You don't need a sump on a 35 gallon tank either. I ran HOB filtration on a 36 gallon bowfront with no issues and many folks have done the same on tanks under 4 feet in length. A Fluval (Aquaclear) or Seachem Tidal HOB Filter in the 70-75 gph range should do well on your tank. No drilling required. So once again don't worry about a Canister or a Sump, just go HOB and it will be fine.
  3. Wickette Valued Member Member

    Agreed HOB will be better than a canister on a small tank like that. If you want a sump the eshopps overflow boxes are pretty reliable (not as good as drilled, but comparable to a canister), or if you have more time than money you can build an HOB overflow.