sump idea for 20 gallon octagon Question 

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Been wanting and researching a salt water tank lately. Have a well established 15 gallon fresh water.

Been going back and forth whether to use a 20 gallon octagon acrylic tank and acrylic stand a friend gave me or sell and get a more standard rectangular tank. The stand has a small back opening, 8.75" wide. Would be hard to get through and fit a sump in there... then a light turned on! Why not use the acrylic stand and build the sump into it!

The stand itself is 29.5". Tank is 16" tall. Drew and attached the diagram. Outlined the tank and stand with green as i used my camera phone and was a bit hard to see. Red outline is where I would attach an acrylic panel to raise the height, guessing 16" from the base so it'll be the same height as the tank and doubling the gallon capacity -- of course won't be filling the sump to the top. Yellow outline is the bubble trap, think i messed up on this one and have to double check once I get some rest. I'll cut some holes in what was the front for the hoses. Also add a black acrylic door to what will be the front now!

Anyone done this before? Good or bad idea? Okay time to go to bed



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Hello Rizo and Welcome to Fish Lore!

I'm sure you'll get some great tips from some of our members. I hope you enjoy the site and that you can share more photos along the way.

Have fun I'll be looking forward to updates from you.

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