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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by benpoole28, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. benpoole28New MemberMember

    I've spent the last 7 years keeping saltwater fish, but have decided to try freshwater instead. My tank is a 200g reef tank with a diy 40b sump. I took out all the baffles in the sump to set it up for fw filtering but I'm not sure what all I need in the sump, or how many chambers to put in it. I can make up to 5 media chambers with 100% flow thru in the sump.
    -what should I use for bio, and how much? Will be fully submerged. I will be keeping 3 large pacu's from 15" -20" and 2 large cichlids 12". I was thinking 10lbs of ceramic rings should do it, but I really have no idea.
    -should I run airstones in sump? If so, should I run them in the bio media chamber or a separate dedicated chamber?

    I know my first stage will be 2 7" filter socks. I run carbon in a fluidized reactor so no need for it in the sump. What other things should I consider for filtration to make the best use of extra space I have? I'm know lots about saltwater, but nothing about fresh so any knowledge is appreciated.
  2. Pente85CaminoValued MemberMember

    I am in the process on setting up a FW sump for my tank. I would look into K1 bio media because of the waste from those large fish. Wholesale Koi Farm on Amazon is where I got mine, around $40 for a cubic foot (~28 liters). More than you need, but smaller quantities cost more and extra is never bad to have. I personally don't want ceramic or any hard scratching media rolling around hitting glass holding a large amount of water! Lol. Look into Joey's info on K1 here  
  3. benpoole28New MemberMember

    Great video! I think I'm going to go with this stuff. It will be easier making one big fluidized chamber rather than several over/under chambers like I intended for the ceramic. I also like the idea of not having to clean the media every so often. Ceramic rings and even matrix gets nasty after a while.
  4. Pente85CaminoValued MemberMember

    My feelings exactly!

    Welcome to!!
  5. LJC6780Well Known MemberMember

    OMGosh! His fish room is exactly what I've dreamed of for years. I've always wanted a huge tank in the wall with a maintenance room behind it. So cool!

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