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  1. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Ok, So i have many years under my belt as far as keeping tanks, FW & SW & reefs. I know zip, zero, nadda & goose egg about fresh water sumps. Not much info to be had on you tube, so i made a design. Figured you people would know more & tell me what im doing wrong (or right)

    Tank this will be going under is a 120 with dual overflows. Tank im putting the baffles in is a 40 breeder.


    Chamber one: Intake
    Chamber two: Mechanical filtration (foam pads & such)
    Chamber three: Heaters (4x100w)
    Chamber four: trickle plate to Bio Balls/ pot scrubers*
    Chamber five: Chemical filtration** (carbon & such)
    Chamber six: bubble trap & return.

    Ok so heres my questions/ dilema's

    * Which would be better, direction for the tank at this time is unknown. Meaning it might be cichlids, might be a community tank (guppies, guaramis, angels thing) Or it might be a planted tank with a super light bio load of tetras & guppies. Id rather always shoot for over filtration. What ever i put in this chamber will be submerged, I dislike towers, and i dont have the space between the tank & the top of the sump for it.

    ** Do i really need anything other than carbon in here? Is 5" to much space?

    So there you have it. Let me here what you have to say, tear my design to shreds or give me the thumbs up & it'll be built a week from today.

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  2. Thai Aquarium ownerWell Known MemberMember

    Hi !
    I think your design is pretty much OK, but i personally would alter things a little bit.
    Firstly, I think your heaters are too far from the tank, and you will loose temperature going into the tank, which will make them work much harder than if they were in the actual tank.
    Chamber 1 - Fine
    Chamber 2 - Fine pads on the bottom, and coarse pads on the top is how I would configure this chamber
    Chamber 3 - If you want the heaters here then fine, but you may need more than 400 watts of heating, and I would use around 700/800 watts for the 120 gallon tank bearing in mind the distance from the heaters to the tank.
    Chamber 4 - Fine -stuff in as many Bioballs as possible into here.
    Chamber 5 - I would stuff as many ceramic ring media as possible into here ( Fluval "biomax ") or similar.
    carbon is only really used to get rid of medications when used, or for really bad smells in the tank, and has to be changed out completely every 4 weeks, making it expensive.
    Chamber 6 - I would again at least half fill this chamber with the ceramic rings
    You cant have too many of these things IMO because these are what will purify and clarify your water prior to being returned to the tank.
    This should give you some food for thought
  3. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Im trying to keep equipment out of the tank. I'll probably go with 4x200 heaters to be safe. Planning on a rio return pump with about 700gph @ 0 head height. Or around 550 at my 4 1/2' head height.

    Ill be ordering the pieces monday.
  4. Marie1Well Known MemberMember

    Water loses heat slowly. I really don't understand why the other poster thinks the heaters are too far from the tank. Once the water is up to temp, it will stay there. One of the reasons of having a sump is keeping equipment out of the tank, like you know. If you have a sump, put the heaters in it.

    The pump sounds fine.

    Carbon is not something that is necessary. Use it if you want, but you do not have to have it. It is good for removing meds if ever needed. And it really does make your water sparkle. Other than that, I personally do not see a need to spend money on it.

    If you are using bio balls with the water trickling down on them, there should not be a need for any other bio media.
  5. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    I wound up junking this idea and went with a sterilite tower. Also found a great deal on a jebao dc pump. So I also went with that. Check out my build thread for pictures.

    Thanks for for the reply btw!

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