sump conversion

I was given another tank yesterday it is currently fresh water withe plattys I want to make it salt water so I can expand my reef tank that I curently 33 gal. the new tank is 55gal, what I am wondering is when I get my 250+ gal for sw can I convert it into a sump. I already have most of the matirials for the sump but am unsure if I can make the transfer of livestock or if it will be more ecanomical to trade my 6 tanks in on a proper sump system. I am trying to go with only 1 large tank but mts keeps screwing with my head
Yes you can convert a tank to a sump easily. Much cheaper then buying something labeled as a sump. I believe there is a thread in the DIY forum about how to do this.
A sump for a 250 gallon tank should be around 1/3 the size of the display tank or larger. Roughly 80 - 100 gallons. Depends on what your going to put in your sump and how much room you have.

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