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So I am trying to plan out the sump I put on my 40 breeder. I drew up some plans looking for some info and suggestions.
First is a side few of plans.

My water level is determined by the last baffle for the section before correct?
Will the water level at 10 inches mess with skimmer that is optimal at 8.6 inches?

Next is a top veiw


Will my skimmer and drain area work setup like this? I plan to have about an inch on each side of skimmer and have enough room above to pull it out.

Any thoughts suggestions?
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Giving this a bump up for you hope you get some responses today


Sorry I didn't see this post and it got swept away, it should all work like you drew it out, the skimmer isn't in an optimal flow location but it should still see enough water in parallel to do the job. Depending on your flow rate, at minimum fill for that sump you would get about 1/8-1/4" additional water spilling above your 10" line. I would build your bubble traps to be a bit taller than you have them drawn so you have the opportunity to run a deeper water level of you decide you want more time between top offs.

Side note, did you design your 6" of space above your baffles to account for the over spill you will get from your display tank if there's a power outage?

I know I brought this thread from the dead a month later, if you already built it got some pictures? I love sumps.
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Well I was leaving the 6 inches for spillage if there is a power outage. But have since realized that is too much there won't be that much if power drops. Where would the optimal skimmer section ion be built into the sump.bI have change a few ideas on the sump layout.

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