Summer project commited suicide


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So about a week ago I got a double tail Cambodian betta that was supposed to be the start of my betta breeding project, double tail because I heard it makes single tail offspring have longer tails.
He was in a 1 gallon jar for about two days, until I got my 10 gallon completly ready. The jar had no lid so I watched him almost 24 hours a day so he didn't jump. Once I go. The 10 ready I moved him in and he was the happiest bettas I have ever seen, but the next day he jumped ridiculously high, out of a one inch wide gap beside the filter and caught his tails on the lid destroying them (see below). I figured it was just bad luck but I made a diverter for the filter flow so that to get to the lid he had to swim against the current.
Fast forward to today, his fins were doing better, still seemingly a very happy fish, eating, flaring at the glass. I fed him and went to school. I come home to him lying on my floor, he managed to swim against the filter, jump even higher, because I lowered the water, and made it out of his tank, with obvious conciquences.
While I miss my first boy, I wanted to know if this was typical?
I want to move my halfmoon into the tank but, I don't wan to risk losing him too...
My Cambodian :

After the first jump :



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I have heard of this,
my friend had this problem and she went through three fish before she turned down the filter speed. That seemed to work, she is still on her fourth fish. I don't know if its the current that makes them what to jump or the individual fish.

Question where did you feed him from, the front or back of the tank? (By the filter)
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