SUMMER - Fishtank 88°F.... HELP

Discussion in 'Temperature' started by helo, Jul 20, 2015.

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    I'm living in New York and lately, the weather started to be really bad for my poor little guys...
    I have a 30g, 10g and 5g.
    My 30g community tank is getting extremely warm everyday... I generally do some daily water change (30%) just to cool it off but I feel like it's not enough... it stays a bit at 80° and increases again... even with an air conditioner in the room H24.
    My fish are dying, I'm testing ph, nitrites, ammonia, everything is alright. I guess they are dying by lack of oxygen due to the heat and I don't know what I can do to keep the water at approximately 80°...
    Right now, I decided to understock my fishtank for a little while... At least during this summer, to get a chance to keep healthy the fish that I already have.
    I'm looking for some tricks and advice. Does someone know a way to cool off the water, avoiding daily water changes?
    I've heard of a fan on top of the tank, but I've also read that it was mostly efficient in dry countries... Here, the weather is really humid...
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    adding fans can help you,if there is sufficient place for ventilation.
    another trick is adding ice bags to water. though this should only be done in the worst condition,due to abrupt temperature change.
    you should put your lights off for these days and provide as much oxygen as you can.
    decreasing your stock also might help you.
  3. lbonini1

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    Yes, add fans if you have room for ventilation and make sure they're aiming and disturbing the surface of the water.

    If you have a heater in there (I doubt you do right now) take it out.
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    I live in NY also helo so I can understand about the heat. It certainly has been pretty hot and humid lately. Is there anyway you can maybe run a small length of dryer vent from the AC to the tank?

    Obviously I wouldnt suggest aiming the vent at the water but maybe aim it at the glass? I think that would help to cool the tank off...directly aimed at the water may cool it off too much.

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  5. OP

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    Thanks everybody for your quick answers!

    the air conditioner is directed towards the glass of the tank, I guess this is not enough...

    I don't have the heater anymore and don't put the light on since a few weeks.
    Do you think putting a nylon mesh on top of the fishtank instead of the hard top would help ? I usually never close the top completely, like 2/3 of it is closed but a part stays open when I'm around (my hatchets need to be watched because they are crazy jumpers!)
  6. KarenLM

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    A mesh top would be far better at keeping the heat down.

    I also have small ice packs (mine are made by RubberMaid) that I keep in the freezer that I can put in the tank everyday if need be. Baggies full of ice work as well except I was going thru a lot of ice.
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  8. peacelizard

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    Also, what about a couple airstone to make sure the water is agitated enough
  9. KarenLM

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    HOB filters will keep the water cooler than will internal filters.
  10. Erbarry

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    I removed half the glass lid on both my tanks and added fans. Before the fans my tanks would reach 85f and now they stay under 80f. For my 55g I had to bump up the power supply to a 24v/1a. I got the 5-fan version.
  11. KarenLM

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    Your tanks look great. Is that driftwood in the larger? I love driftwood!
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    If you already have some fans, set them up so that they blow air across the water surface. Preventing the hatchets from flying out, you could crack the lid an inch or so and target aim the fan.
  13. Aquarist

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