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  1. AlanGreene

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    Hi guys,

    I am starting up a new tank at the end of this week, I will be about 6 weeks cycling and them I am stocking it with:

    4 discus
    25 Cardinals
    8 Cory sterba

    I am planting in soil with dwarf hairgrass and will have some other live plants in the tank along with a feature root

    The water with slightly acidic (ph6.5-7.0) with the soil and wood. I will have the temperature at around 28c or 77f for the discus.

    I currently have 3 amano shrimp in my tank with a small 2" discus and 9 cardinals and the temperature is 30c or 86f and they seem fine filter feeding away and molting cleanly from the looks of the shell casings I remove from the tank.

    for my new tank I want to have around 30 shrimp, I want to have:

    5 amano shrimp
    5 Blue pearl shrimp
    10 Red cherry shrimp
    5 Yellow shrimp
    5 Caridina cf. babaulti (green) shrimp

    Will the 28degree water be okay for these shrimp? I read that most shrimp do better at a more alkaline PH and at a lower temperature (around 22 degrees) but my amano shrimp are doing great at 30 degrees and a PH of 6.5-7.0.

    Can anyone let me know if these shrimp would be suitable and if not could you suggest a shrimp that is better suited to a higher temperature?

    Thanks for reading
  2. ZeeZ

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    The Blue Pearls, Red Cherries, and Yellow shrimp will crossbreed and make brown shrimp.

    It'll be hard to keep any of the Dwarf Shrimp species in a tank that has large fish like Discus. You might be better off with something like Bamboo Shrimp or Vampire Shrimp.
  3. OP

    AlanGreeneWell Known MemberMember

    Great thanks for the reply, are they expensive?
  4. AquariaUK

    AquariaUKValued MemberMember

    Vampires can be, not sure about bamboos.
  5. OP

    AlanGreeneWell Known MemberMember

    Bamboo seem to be 12 euro a shrimp in Dublin :(:(:( Was hoping to get them for 2.50-3.00 euro average, my amano shrimp are bigger than my cardinals at 2" and they are fast too, I might try out some of them since I have some already, they are cool to watch