Suitable Beginner Cichlids?

Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by csutter1, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. csutter1

    csutter1Valued MemberMember

    Hello, newbie here!!
    I'm writing because I am in the process of designing my 1st aquarium. I made a post in the "stocking" board, and realized that I absolutely ADORE cichlids. The downside to that however is that my understanding of housing and maintaining cichlids is a bit daunting. Even still, I would really love to give a cichlid tank a shot (unless told otherwise).
    If anyone with cichlid experience could offer me some help/advice on good beginner cichlids, I'm all ears!
    I'm planning on having a 55-75G set-up with sand.
    I love colorful and EXOTIC looking fish and would like to have a variety in my tank that reside in all different levels within the aquarium. I also would love to have cichlids on varying size in the tank.

    Any and all advice/recommendations are welcome!!!


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  2. LeoDiaz

    LeoDiazFishlore VIPMember

    Lake malawi cichlids is the way to go. You have to pick in between haps,peacocks or mbunas. They come in bunch of different colors size. Some can be rather agressive. Most require some sort of rockwork in tank to be happy.
  3. Fishboy123

    Fishboy123Valued MemberMember

    I think shell dwellers from lake Tanganyika are easy to take care of

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  4. OP

    csutter1Valued MemberMember

    I love the look of Lake Malawi cichlids, though I can't decide if I want to have mbunas, peacocks or haps. I did read that you can potentially mix peacocks and haps under the correct circumstances and with the right fish.
    Between mbunas, peacocks and haps, which are the easiest to take care of generally? And which have the greatest variation (in color, size, etc.)? Does anyone have any specific recommendations of particular cichlids, or groups of cichlids that have worked out successfully for you?
  5. OP

    csutter1Valued MemberMember

    So I think I'm going to go with an all male peacock tank with a few Haps mixed in. Can anyone give me a list of potential Peacocks/Haps that would work well with my set-up (75G aquarium)?
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  6. TheCoolFish

    TheCoolFishValued MemberMember

    Lots of hiding places (rock caves) and my fish setup is a yellow
    Lab, albino electric blue cichlid, Malawi golden cichlid, red peacock cichlid (I think), and a blossom.

    I'm planing on more but for now in my 55g its a good mixture of a yellow, white, black, blue, and gray fish.

    Cheese is good but cichlids are cooler!

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