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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by emmett1180, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. emmett1180New MemberMember

    Hello all

    Just want to share the story of my Gardneri Killifish which i got only a week ago.

    I got a male and female, the 2nd day i couldnt find the male and after ages searching the tank i gave up, only to lift the lid off the black Juwel filter box and there he was swimming around from the evening before. He must have jumped on top of the filter box then in through the hole in the lid.

    This morning i got up for work and seen him lying on the carpet about 10 feet from the tank dead.

    As anyone who has a Juwel Vision tank will know the only place a fish could escape is through 2 tiny holes, which let the cables through.

    I think he liked to swim againest the current from the filter pipe and flicked up onto the filter box.:tl:

    Now the problem i have is, he got the female pregnant before he jumped out, (caught them in the act on camera phone too lol)

    Shes clearly getting bigger...will the eggs hatch ok in a community tank, will they survive or how do i get them to hatch successfully?

    Any help would be great

  2. DarkFinValued MemberMember

    They will survive, but cover up the holes on your lid and DEFINENTLY put panty hose or a sponge over your filter pipe so they don't get sucked up. Good luck :)
  3. clickWell Known MemberMember

    Maybe he jumped because he was in shock his gf was prego? :giggle:joking

    On a serious note, I'm sorry you lost your fish. I too have a tiny hole in the back of my tank, I hope my fish will not notice it's there since it's right above a bushy plant.
  4. OP

    emmett1180New MemberMember

    hehehe i know i said that too its the shock of her being pregnant, but today i notice shes being racing againest the current flat out and flipping up :eek:

    How do i attach the panyhose to the filter box in a juwel tank?
  5. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    although they jump normally, (its in their nature) have you tested your tank recently to make sure you arent in a mini cycle? with other signs of your female, (which also could be her missing some of her own) id do it to be sure...

    to attach filter media or nylon to a filter intake, just wrap it around and use an elastic band to hold it....
  6. gunner13Well Known MemberMember

    Hi emmett, you wont be able to attatch tights to the filter box but i'm sure the fry wldnt get sucked in. If they do they wld probably be ok. I had a khulie loach living in my rio 125 for 2 years and he was fine(a bit different i know). I now have a rio 240 and cant see any way of covering the intake areas(top and bottom) without interfereing with the filtration.
    Hope this help and good luck.

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