suggestions would be nice

  1. ClaireBear3825 Initiate Member

    next hurrican I wont be able to travel/evacuate with my fish, they r all guppies and an albino plecto
    Im not just gonna let them starve in my house!
    what should I do?
    maybe its too early to start thinking about this....
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  4. Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    I imagine that during a hurricane there are massive and prolonged power outages - this means that filters stop working and therefore beneficial bacteria die of oxygen starvation. One day is enough for the bacterial colony in the filter to die off. Another thing is that during a power outage a heater stops working too. Unless the weather is warm enough, the fish may experience a shock due to quick temperature drop. I think there are available airpumps powered with batteries - so they'd be good to keep water aerated. But I really doubt there are battery filters and heaters. If they exist - then they'd be a great solution for you. However, I hope a hurricane where you live never gets too strong to destroy your house and your fish tank with it.
  5. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I have sponge filters in all but one of my tanks. You can get the battery powered air pumps if the power goes out and you have to leave. They will keep your sponge filters running. You can also get those expensive power strip things made for computers which have an outlet that still provides power in an outage, but they are over $100.00. What I'd do is get a cheap sponge filter and add it to your tank now. If you have to evacuate, just hook up the battery powered air pump to the sponge filter before you leave. You will lose your bacteria in the other filter but your sponge filter will keep some of the bacteria going, and provide air exchange to your tank.
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    the only bad thing about get one is it will only last about 5 min at most
  7. Jason Well Known Member Member

    You should ask JustinT about it. He was also affected by the hurricane and manged to set up a generator
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    The battery powered air pumps work for hours. I had one going all night before the power came back on.