Suggestions To Complete This Stock? 30 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by nikm128, Jul 13, 2019.

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    So I recently acquired a new 30 gallon tank and after moving the already established filter to it I started stocking it today. I added 10 buenos aires tetras and am already loving them and how active they are, only thing I don't like is that they just go in whatever level they want making it harder to choose what I can/want to put in there. At first I thought a gold gourami would be nice since they usually stay closer to the top or middle and the tetras seem to be mostly bottom-middle, but I was worried they'd get nippy with its feelers so it was out. Then I thought some hatchetfish would be good, but I want something a little bigger and more colorful, plus they'd hurt themselves on the lid from jumping if a tetra spooked them. So now I'm coming to you all, looking for some nicely colored fish that will be higher up in the tank, size isn't a huge factor for me, something the size of a molly would be fine as long as it's really colorful, it could even be as small as a neon tetra if it's nice looking.

    Oh yeah, I just remembered ember tetras are on sale right now and I like them too, would they work?
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    How about Paradise Fish?
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    In my experience it's hard to put most 'mid-top' level fish in a box when it comes to their activity level, yes they go all over the tank. There aren't that many that stay on just the top, hatchetfish being an exception, African butterfly fish being another.

    I think a gold gourami would be fine, you should try that out.
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    I haven't tried one of those yet, I'll check if it's something I can get from a few places.
    That's about what I expected, this would probably be easier if I stopped being picky about having fish mix up in the middle of the tank lol. I will go back tomorrow and see if the gold one is still there, if not I'll look for a blue or opaline gourami.
    Pearls are the white one's right? I am a fan of those so thanks for the reminder, I'll check for those tomorrow too, think I'm going to skip the zebra danios since I already have some in another tank though. What do you think about a few male endlers? I like red eye tetras too, but I would like to get some more body color. Maybe ember tetras?
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    I would not put smaller tetras in with Buenos Aires Tetras.
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    Enders would be a good choice. Some male fancy male guppies would certainly give full body color and variety. Red minor tetras also would be colorful.

    I saw bumble bee platies and pineapple swords yesterday at petco and they were very lovely and full of color.
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    Would I have room for 2-3 male pineapple swords and a gourami, or would I have to pick one or the other
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    I love those fish, but the ones at the store are really in rough shape. Even the golden wonders are super pale and/or grey looking