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I have a 29 gallon freshwater aquarium that has been up and running with fish for about two months....I first put in three red tetras, then a couple weeks later added 4 cory I would like a "centerpiece" if you will....maybe one or two really colorful fish that would do well with the others....any ideas?

Also....would a school of neon tetras do well with the red tetras?


did u mean red eye tetra? red eye tetras r very peaceful. u should keep 5 of them in a tank. neon tetras r also peaceful but keep at least 6 of them in a tank to avoid fin nipping.
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Stradius011 said:
I've never heard of "red tetras." Do you mean serpae tetras? A good centerpeice would be dwarf gouramis or angelfishes but angelfishes would consider neon tetras lunch.
Yea I mean Serpae's just that every time I say that people always call them red tetras, so I've just grown used to calling them that....

So would angelfish be ok with the Serpae Tetras? Would either of them nip at each other?

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