suggestions on filter for a 55g tank.

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    jetta New Member Member

    I guess I also caught that bad virus (what was it MTS?) ;D. I went ahead and got a 55g seaclear acrylic tank. I bought it from another guy who had it for an year and then it was in the storage for another year.It got lights and power heads etc, but the under gravel filter looks bad.

    So, now I am in the market for a filter. Would you guys recommend some filter over the others? Or, should I get a fluval 304 (local petstore guy recommended that one).

    Also, how long do the heaters last (generally speaking). I am not sure if I should rely on that 3 year old heater or not.

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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I think it will really depend on the kind of fish you will be putting in your tank, and what the bio load will be. I have 5 adult angels and a 4 inch pleco in my 55, and only have sponge filters in that tank. If you are gonna load it down with african cichlids where your tank will be basically overstocked, the fluval might be the better choice. If you are considering getting a canister filter (fluval), also look in the other canisters available. I am partial to the filstar XP canisters, and they are a little cheaper (I think) than the fluvals. Compare the gallons per hour, price, is it self priming, and does it include media when doing your research. ;)

    As far as the heater, I think I would get a new one, and I would get 2 for that tank. One heater on each side will ensure more uniformity in the tank, and help eliminate cold spots. Also, if one of the filters quits on you, the other one will take up the slack until you realize what happened and replace it. You should consider 5 watts per gallon, so your tank needs about 525 watts. I have a little overkill in my tank and have 600 watts (300 each) in my tank. Also, look into getting a stainless steel or titanium heater. They cost about the same, and you don't have to worry about breaking them.
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    jetta New Member Member

    Thanks Gunnie. I really haven't decided on what kind of fish I am going to have in my new tankĀ  ???. After posting this here, I realized that there is a dedicated section on the filters. I am reading throught those posts and learning a lot.

    As for the heater, I have another all-glass 200 watt heater (which from the specification, works for 30-60G). Based on your recommendation, I am gonna go ahead and get another 100 watt or so, just in case.

    thanks again!
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Get at least a 300 watt heater for your second one. You need about 525 watts for that tank to keep it heated properly and so you don't overwork your heaters. ;)