Suggestions For Saltwater Fish Forum


Here are some suggestions I would like to throw out there for the part of the Saltwater forum.

+ Anthias
+ Separate Profiles for Dwarf and Large Angelfish
+ Anglers / Frogfish / Toad Fish / Scorpions
+ Basslets
+ Boxfish
+ Chromis
+ Batfish
+ Dartfish
+ Dottybacks
+ Filefish
+ Foxfaces and Rabbitfish
+ Groupers
+ Grunts / Sweetlips / Drums
+ Hawkfish
+ Hogfish
+ Jawfish
+ Stingrays
+ Sharks
+ Pipefish
+ Squirrelfish
+ Wrasses
+ Oddball / Misc
Sub - Topics and +
1. You can make Angelfish one Profile and Subtopics of Dwarf Angelfish and Large Angelfish
2. Seahorses and Pipefish should be combined
3. For Tangs, make the sub-topics Zebrasoma / Ctenochaetus / Acanthurus / Paracanthurus / Naso.
4. Either make Dragonets have their own Profile or them be a sub-topic in Gobies.
5. For Wrasses make the Fish Only and Reef Safe Sub-topics.
6. For Foxfaces and Rabbitfish make them their own Sub-topic but same profile. This can also go for Grunts / Sweetlips / Drums, Anglers Section and the rest if there is more.
7. For Batfish include the Angler kind (Walking Batfish) as a sub-topic.
This is mostly what I had in mind to make this a bit more organized, also please add on if anyone else has suggestions.


Saltwater Forum update???


Yep we can do this! But, let me get through the forum upgrade first then I can add these.

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